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Marketing for law firms with Lawzana

A successful law firm in today’s market is built on more than just winning cases. While clients will want to be assured you have a strong track record in the courtroom, they need more information to confirm that you are the representation they need. Your online reputation will have a strong influence on attracting clients and reassuring them you are the professional for the job. This is where SEO comes in.

SEO focuses on more than just the appearance of your website. It seeks to ensure search engines are able to recognize the worth of your content and grant you the high ranking you deserve. This is done by factoring in the best SEO practices that build rank and keeping abreast of updates and changes in policies that can have an impact. From on-site optimization to backlinks creation, this requires a multi-pronged approach that is ongoing and consistent.

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SEO for law firms

One of the building blocks of SEO for law firms is the keyword. Keywords come from the words and phrases that people input when conducting a search on pages like Google. They are the words and phrases they most closely associated with the information, products, services, and businesses they are interested in.

Law firms looking to build up content for their website need to identify keywords that their target audience is most likely to use in searches when they need legal assistance. Creating content around these keywords will ensure that when these people conduct an online search, the law firm’s website will come up as one of the top organic results. This means a greater proportion of relevant searches will end up with online traffic being directed towards the law firm’s site.

Online users will rarely go past the first page when conducting a search. They typically find what they need within the first few results. By adhering to SEO best practices, a law firm’s website should make it to being a top result and therefore direct this traffic onto its pages. Being a top result ensures you get the first engagement and opportunity to convert the visitor into a paying client.

Google Ads for Law Firms

Building rank organically can often take a while to get the desired results, especially for newcomers to online marketing. But that does not deny the need to start drawing attention to your firm immediately. Google Ads are a good way to quickly give greater visibility to your website.

You can target your audience through the use of keywords and demographics to better ensure those with high prospects are being advertised to. This means more value for your money and greater chances of success in engagement as those that make the searches are purposefully looking for help related to their keyword choice.

Google Ads remain an affordable and effective way to boost your SEO efforts and direct traffic to your website. With more traffic comes more opportunities for conversations and revenues.

At Lawzana, we offer as simple or comprehensive a service as you need. We recognize that different law firms can have different goals and tailor our services to match these expectations. Our team of experts are highly experienced and trained in a variety of online marketing niches and work diligently with our clients to help them achieve their goals. We specialize in services that drive website engagement for legal firms so you can experience the desired boost in your sales and case numbers.

Browse Best law firms in Thailand

How to choose the right lawyer has never been easy, lawyers have different specialties where they focus on different types of issues.

First thing you need to do is to determine the scope of your issue to identify the lawyer or law firm specialized in that particular area of the law.  Same as a dentist won’t be the best doctor to operate you from an eye issue, a lawyer specialized in divorces won’t be the best option for a litigation with your employer.
After finding the law firms in Thailand with the right experience for your matter, there are several other things to consider like, the size of the firm, their price range, their professionalism, the proximity to you and their communication.