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British International Schools Curriculum: How does it stand out?

When discussing the subject of ‘best schools in the world,’ British international schools often rank at the top of the list and top of mind for many parents, owing to their innovative curriculum. The British curriculum is one of the most well-known and highly-regarded in the international education landscape.

Be that as it may, parents finding the best school for their children may find it challenging to comprehend the details of the British international school curriculum. So, we have put together fundamental things you need to know about the British International School curriculum for all parents out there to help you determine whether it may be perfect for your child.

The British Curriculum: What is it & How it works

British International Schools Curriculum: How does it stand out?

‘The British Curriculum’ or the ‘National Curriculum for England’ is a highly structured system that focuses on creativity, critical thinking, and flexibility. It also integrates a series of measurable and feasible goals while meeting all students’ demands – challenging the fast learners and supporting those who need extra help through various teaching and activities. All of which ensure that both parents and children are aware of their progress, allowing individual students to reach their full potential.

The curriculum focuses on a wide range of subjects and guides them toward globally-recognised GCSE & A Level examinations. Students will be introduced to a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong focus on child-centred learning during their international primary school years. As students progress through their education, they can narrow subject areas, which allows them to excel in areas in which they have higher interests.

What Are the Benefits of the British Curriculum?

Now that we know how the British curriculum works, you may also wonder how it can benefit your children. Here are some of the major benefits of studying in the British curriculum:

  • Global Recognition – the British curriculum was established in 1988, and it is world-famous. It is a student-centred, well-balanced curriculum. The students will receive regular benchmarking to ensure complete preparation for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A level qualifications.
  • Focus on Breadth & Depth – the British curriculum guides students toward various subjects, not only ‘core’ subjects but also arts, sports, humanities, etc. Starting broadly in the early years and narrowing down into deep dive as students progress through the years.
British International Schools Curriculum: How does it stand out?
  • Clear Understanding of Progress  British international schools are able to provide a clear picture of progress with ‘Key Stages.’ Starting with Key Stage 1 (KS1), from ages 5 to 7, before moving on to KS2, from age 7 to 11, then students begin the secondary stages with KS3 and KS4, which are for ages 11-14 and ages 14-16, respectively. All students are assessed at the end of their key stages, gaining a crystal clear overview of their development.
  • Growth Beyond Classroom – extracurricular activities are also a priority in the British curriculum, such as sports, arts, and performing arts. The aim is to help students develop teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

Is the British International School Right for Your Child?

There are numerous British international schools available, even if your family does not live in the UK. However, the choice falls under personal preference and your child’s need. It is best to look around the campus, explore the curriculum provision, and meet teachers to see if you like it. 

Rugby School Thailand

‘The Whole Person, The Whole Point’ is the School ethos. It has a 450-year-old British private school legacy that it has used to create a leading British international school within easy reach of Bangkok, Thailand. The aim at Rugby School is to improve the individual outcome for every student in its care, with academic excellence, co-curricular activities and traditional values. Its award-winning education promotes a diverse, happy and active lifestyle for day and boarding students.